Philippine Condotel Investments Us Road Show Sales Hit $8.9 Million

Beth Collingz, International Marketing Director for PLC Global based in Manila, lead Marketing Partners for the Lancaster Brand of Condotels in the Philippines, announced the companies recent US Road Show was another major success bringing in some $8.9 Million Dollars worth of sales for Lancaster The Atrium Condo Hotel as investors look at to solve problems of real estate retirement investing as an alternative to social security systems that are on the verge of going bankrupt and Pension Plans that are failing left and right and will continue to fail as many are glorified ‘Pyramid Schemes’ or rely solely upon the ‘never ending chain’ principal.

Overseas Filipinos and Offshore Property Investors looking to start saving for retirement, the Philippines with its comparative low cost of real estate yet high rates of Hotel Accommodations, make the Condotel investment an extremely attractive investment proposition. Clients are now looking at the preconstruction investment in a Lancaster Atrium Semi Fitted Studio Suite that may be Purchased on 12 Year Payment Plan Options that provides for Executive Studio [Semi Fitted] Suites to be purchased with a Reservation of only -Pph-25,000.00 for a 32.50sqm [350sqft] Studio then 48 consecutive monthly payments of only -Pph-17,801.58 [No Interest for the first 4 years]. During the first 4 years there is an Annual Lump Sum payable on the anniversary of the reservation date of -Pph-91,551.00 and thereafter continue the 96 consecutive monthly payments of -Pph-24,075.73 to complete the balance of the purchase price Collingz said.

Collingz said Having paid 50 percent of the purchase price within 4 years the Studio Condotel will be ready for occupancy and thereafter income positive with a projected ROI through rentals of at least 500 dollars per month makes the remaining 96 monthly payments on the unit balance self liquidating said Collingz, and with preconstruction property appreciating at some 20-30% per annum not only does the Real Estate Appreciation look good but after paying for the unit, the rental income is in excess of what many Pension Plans offer for the same or similar investment of only 50 percent of the purchase price for the unit.

The potential high rates of rental returns from Condo Hotel Investments, currently from 8% up to 16% per annum, opens up a huge market not traditionally looked at by Real Estate Agents and Brokers whom all so often run around like headless chickens looking for normal residential profile buyers without looking at the by far bigger picture of investments, investing and retirement. We look at Condotels as pure investments. Not primarily as Real Estate. If you look at the Condo Hotel market as investing for future income, and think outside of the box, it is plain to see that Hotel Condominiums are not only real estate investments but more importantly income generating property. Think of Condotels as a Managed Pension Plan. After all, Condotel units are fully managed property. The owner of the property does not have the hassle of renting out the unit and contend with all the normal pit falls of being an amateur land lord. This is taken care of by the Condo Hotel Management said Collingz.

One of my clients from Chicago, just purchased 4 Studio Condotel Suites at Lancaster The Atrium Manila which is currently in preconstruction sales with a plan to retire in 2012. His outlay for the purchase is only around 70 Dollars a day for 6 years by opting to purchase with a 30% down payment on a 6 year no prequalification, no down payment, no interest payment plan. Even before completing payment for the units, he will be receiving more than $2,000 a month in rental income in additional to any Government or Private Company Pension Plan. Apply that to the 12 year payment plan and during the first 4 years prior to completion, where you would only be paying something like 20 Dollars a day, and after the units are already earning rental income, 45 Dollars a day, he would have a cash positive income on 20 Dollars a day or some 600 Dollars a month. Better yet, the rental income is in tune with inflation and buying on preconstruction terms gives real estate appreciation of some 60-80% over 4 years enthused Collingz.

At the end of 12 years, having only put out 50% of the original purchase price of the units, the owner would have earned something like 4,800 Dollars and condo units are now in fee simple, owned free and clear, then earning more than 2,000 Dollars a month. Better yet, as Hotel Rates increase yearly, so does the rental income Collingz said.

Resort Accommodation In Australia

At RDP Resorts and Hotels, their mission is simple, to meet and exceed their customers’ expectations through exceptional hospitality management services and quality hotel and resort products. It is our commitment to our customers that allows us to deliver the consistent, proven results our ownership groups expect.

It is this philosophy that has seen RDP Resorts go from strength to strength over the last 20 years. With modest beginnings in Caloundra on the Sunshine coast in Queensland RDP Resorts has grown into one of the most respected providers of quality Resort accommodation in Australia.

From building new upscale, full-service hotels to reinvigorating existing ones, RDP Resorts are proud to be one of the most successful managers and developers of hotels in Australia.

RDP Resorts are proud to be one of the most successful, full-service, independent hotel management companies in the nation. For more than 20 years, RDP’s goal of providing consistently superior performance and proven results has allowed us to stay the course guided by our commitment to our mission statement.

“By offering exceptional services, quality products and gracious hospitality, we continually strive to exceed our customers expectations. “And, when you take care of your customers, they take care of you” says RDP Managing Director Mr. Rob Price.

“At RDP, our business is creating value for our guests, associates and most importantly, our owners. By executing a sound business plan we will continue to maintain our position as one of the nation’s leading hotel and resort management companies.”

RDP Resorts and Hotels are conveniently located in these areas:
· Brisbane
· Sunshine Coast
· Townsville
· Port Douglas
· Preston Beach W.A

RDP Resorts are an equal opportunity employer and strive to maintain a very high standard of professionalism. We invite you to explore the Corporate RDP Resorts site and learn more about the many opportunities that RDP Resorts and Hotels can offer.

The Windy City’s Hotel Accommodations And Tourists Attractions

Traveling to Chicago whether for business or pleasure will surely be fun. The city can offer you all the pleasures in the world. The best part is you can be able to take advantage of these in just one package. Aside from being known as the Windy City, it is also famous as the Blues Capital of the World. This June marks the season for the largest Blues Festival in the world at Grant Park. You will not experience the real Chicago if you won’t experience its music, taste its food, see the sites and appreciate its arts. You can get to know the city more by doing a research online. When you have the necessary information, you can make your itinerary ahead of time. It would also be a great idea to contact the tourism office in Chicago so that you will get more information. The sensible way to enjoy your stay is to plan and get information months ahead.

The place that you will be staying in Chicago will be your home. Aside from the rate, make sure that it is located in areas of special interest to you. Places like Navy Pier, Millennium Park, Chicago Cultural Center and US Cellular Field are a few of the famous places in Chicago. Your hotel should not be too crowded. Inquire about its free amenities and its flexible offers like the time for checking in and out. You should also be aware of the menu of the restaurant hotel especially if you have allergic reactions to some food. Get a hold of all the important phone numbers like the local hospitals and police station. It would also be wise to know about the transportation around the city.

The aspects that you should consider when you choose a hotel that you can stay in are warmth and intimacy. If you want, talk to people who have been to Chicago and try to ask for good hotels that they may suggest. If you want, go daring and experience that boutique hotel life in the Windy City. Boutique hotels in Chicago are a type of accommodation that’s booming. You may consider staying at boutique hotels if you really want to have a different experience rather than going traditional. What’s great about these types of hotels is that each room has its own unique theme. A room may have a New Orleans or Victorian Theme, while other rooms may have Asian or country themes. The themes in the room are achieved through the decorations used. Just like other hotels, it has WiFI connection, cable TV and DVD player, breakfast, complete toiletries and bottled water. Unlike ordinary hotels, these boutique hotels have flexible check out time. It will depend whether the room will be used by another occupant. They also have discounted rates for kids. That being said if you really want to experience Chicago as a whole, try staying at one of Chicago’s boutique hotels and you’ll surely be excited to tell your friends about it.

New York Hotels

New York is one of the richest and most happening cities of the world. New York is famous for the New York Stock Exchange, the Statue of Liberty, nanotechnology and microchip making, its vineyards, its cut diamonds, and its orchards. New York’s gross state product is well over $ 1 trillion. It is said that if New York was an independent country by itself, it would be the 16th largest economy in the globe. New York is a flourishing city and Times Square is one of the liveliest spots of New York. The personal per capita income of New York is well over $ 46,000. Hence, most people who live in New York are extremely affluent except those who live in the ghettos of the city. The New York hotels, like the other establishments of New York, are plush, posh, dazzling and overwhelming.

Sightseeing Attractions in New York

As New York is a renowned financial and commercial hub of the United States of America and the world, several businessmen and women travel to New York frequently. The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the biggest stock exchange of the globe, is an important trading center of New York, the US, and the world. The headquarters of many multinational companies and investment banks are located in New York. The New York hotels provide excellent accommodation to all the corporate managers as well as to the tourists who visit New York. New York happens to be a great tourist hub and is thronged by holidaymakers from all across the world. The Empire State Building, American Museum of Natural History, Museum of Modern Art, Broadway, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Madison Square Garden, World Financial Center, the new World Trade Center, Hudson River, Carnegie Hall, Central Park, Statue of Liberty, Queens Zoo, Rockefeller Center, Wall Street, etc. are some of the many tourist hotspots of New York. The New York hotels generally arrange for tours for their guests so that the latter can have a gala time in New York.

Different Types of New York Hotels and the Different Areas of New York

The hotels of New York are countless in number. New York hotels can broadly be divided into luxury New York hotels, boutique New York hotels, airport hotels and cheap New York hotels. The hotels in New York cater to the needs of diverse travelers. However, most New York hotels charge exorbitant amounts from their guests. Even the cheap New York hotels ask for prices that are forbidding. Manhattan is one of the most expensive places of New York apart from Broadway and Times Square. Chinatown, in Manhattan, is a popular home for Asian immigrants. Manhattan also happens to be a favorite haunt of all the tourists of the city. Brooklyn is one of the cheapest areas of New York, apart from the ghetto areas, which are predominantly populated by the African-American population of New York. Harlem is another area of New York where a large section of the African American population of the city resides. The Asian immigrants of New York reside primarily in the area of Queens.

A reason why the New York hotels are never in dearth of occupants is because of the fact that New York is an extremely well-connected city. New York is served by the underground railway system and four suburban railway tracks. The John F. Kennedy International Airport is the main airport of the city. Several New York hotels have cropped up in the vicinity of the various tourist attractions of New York so that hotel guests can go for sightseeing easily, without boarding buses or hiring long-distance automobiles for traveling.

Conference Facilities in the Luxury and Boutique New York Hotels

Some of the finest and costliest hotels of New York are The Waldorf Astoria, The Four Seasons Hotel, The Carlyle, The Peninsula, New York Palace, The Alex, Trump International, etc. The Carlyle is a grand old New York hotel that encapsulates an old-world charm and aura. It comprises an imposing edifice on Madison Avenue and is rated as one of the best boutique New York hotels. The hotel boasts of 4,033 square feet of meeting and conference space. One of the most fabulous hotels of New York, the Carlyle sports a frontage bedecked in the Art Deco style. The ceiling of the hotel is beautifully carved. The Carlyle vaunts enormous and impressive banquet and conference halls, antechambers and suites. It’s one of the few hotels of New York that’s an ideal venue for boardroom battles, symposiums, seminars, conferences, after-dinner meets, weddings, dances, and parties. The conference halls of The Carlyle are equipped with the latest and hi-tech audiovisual gadgets so that conferences may be conducted seamlessly.

If The Carlyle is imposing, then The Waldorf Astoria is magnificent. The Waldorf Astoria is one of the New York hotels that transports you back to a period when gentlemen in tailcoats escorted ladies in long gowns from horse-drawn barouche-landaus to Victorian-styled drawing rooms, when people still observed British mannerisms and customs in the New World. The hotel is adorned by antique furniture and decorations that hark back to 1893, the year when the hotel was built. The Waldorf Astoria is a great venue for meetings and events. The hotel has 60,000 square feet of conference space. The Waldorf Astoria is one of the few hotels of New York that boasts of a rich experience and consequently a rich expertise, in hosting state dinners and corporate meetings. It’s also one of the few hotels of the city that has invested millions of dollars in enhancing its meeting facilities and technological capabilities. The Waldorf Astoria is one of the rare hotels of New York that offers its corporate guests direct-link satellite broadcasting facilities and ultra-high-velocity Internet connectivity to support hi-tech videoconferencing and web conferencing.

Where meetings and events are concerned, the Waldorf Astoria is regarded as one of the special hotels of New York. This is because the hotel assigns the conference management task to an Event Manager who performs the task of conference management on behalf of the clients or guests. The Event Manager and their team look into every aspect of conference management so that clients face no problem in hosting and conducting conferences. The fourth and the eighteenth stories of the hotel are dedicated for conferences and events. Each of the luxury and boutique New York hotels is an excellent venue for meetings and events. The luxury and boutique hotels of New York charge anything between $219 and $ 3,600 per day, per guest. Many say that the luxury and boutique New York hotels are too opulent and showy. They show new money, unabashedly. Many opine that the hotels of New York, however flashy, cannot compare to the London hotels or the Paris hotels in class and heritage. The New York hotels, according to many, show more power than anything else. This is not surprising because New York is situated in the United States of America, the most powerful nation of the world.

Airport New York Hotels and Their Business Centers

Now let’s turn to examine some other types of New York hotels. New York is served by three airports: the JFK International Airport, LaGuardia Airport and the Newark Liberty International Airport. The hotels which are classified as airport New York hotels are located in close proximity to these airports. The various airport hotels of New York that are situated close to the JFK International Airport are the Ramada Plaza Hotel, Fairfield Inn by Marriott, Days Inn, Best Western, Comfort Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Sheraton, etc. The various airport hotels of New York that are situated close to the LaGuardia Airport are the LaGuardia Airport hotel, Clarion Hotel, Marriott, Crowne Plaza, Comfort Inn, etc. The various airport hotels of New York that are situated close to the Newark Liberty International Airport are the Marriott, Days Hotel, Wyndham Garden Hotel, Renaissance Hotel, etc.

These New York hotels charge much lower rates than the boutique and luxury New York hotels. If you opt to stay in any of the airport hotels, you’ll have to cough up about $ 49 to $ 199 per day. Affordable, isn’t it? But on the downside, most airport hotels in New York can’t afford you conference facilities at the rates they charge you. Most of these hotels, however, possess Business Centers, which are equipped with photocopying and facsimile facilities, wireless Internet connectivity, and computers with Internet connections. Some of the airport New York hotels such as the Fairfield Inn by Marriott, have banqueting facilities. The airport hotels of New York are plainly furnished and sparsely decorated.

Family and Pet-Friendly New York Hotels

Family hotels and pet-friendly hotels are other types of hotels in New York but these hotels are occupied mostly by families on holidays and not by people who’d like to host meetings. Hence, conference facilities are not present in such hotels. However, as there are exceptions to all rules, some of these hotels are equipped with business and meeting facilities.

Cheap New York Hotels

And finally, we come to that section of hotels known as the cheap New York hotels. Most of the cheap hotels of New York are not hotels but hostels, inns and boarding houses. As has been mentioned before, even the cheap hotels of New York can be dear. However, they’re much cheaper compared to the other hotels of New York. They also lack proper amenities. Which is why they’re designated as cheap New York hotels. Most of the rooms in cheap New York hotels don’t possess attached bathrooms and guests have to use the common bathroom of the corridor. The cheap hotels in New York are boarded mostly by youngsters, students and backpackers, who not only don’t mind the discomforts of life but also take them with an adventurous spirit.

The rooms of these hotels aren’t equipped with telephones and these hotels don’t accept payment by credit card. The rooms of many of these New York hotels are equipped with bunk beds and almost resemble dormitories. Bathrooms in these hotels may also be dirty. And don’t even think of hosting a conference in these New York hotels unless you’re willing to call ‘a room full of young students jumping about’, a ‘conference’. But the cheap New York hotels are generally located at spots close to the New York subways, tourist hotspots, and shops. So, you can get a good feel of the city if you reside in these hotels, provided you don’t mind the accompanying hardships.

Choosing New York Hotels

You can choose hotels in New York according to your budget, conference preferences, the conference facilities that the hotels offer, location of the hotels, and other parameters. If you choose wisely, you’ll stand to gain in many ways because New York has plenty to offer. The cityscape of New York that most luxury New York hotels capture is beautiful while the poverty and squalor in the ghettos of New York is shocking and sad. One thing must be said of all the New York hotels, whether they are luxury hotels or boutique hotels or airport hotels or family hotels or cheap hotels – they help you to get a feel of the city and experience the city from different angles and perspectives.

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Paris Hotels

The fashion capital of the world and the city of dreams, Paris attracts hordes of tourists and business travelers to its ethereal realms every year. A marvelous and spectacularly beautiful city, Paris embodies all that is ancient and magnificent, ultra-modern and chic of European culture. While the Louvre is visited by art and sculpture lovers and enthusiasts of the world, the Rue Saint-Honore and the Champs Elysees are thronged by globetrotters and shopaholics who patronize haute couture and who like to regale themselves at nightclubs. Paris is dotted with numerous hotels. The various Paris hotels offer excellent accommodation to the travelers who arrive at this historic European city for holidaymaking, attending art conferences and for business.

Luxury Paris Hotels

The many Paris hotels that are located in the heart of the city, in close proximity to the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre museum, on Champs Elysees and Rue Saint-Honore, the celebrated Eiffel Tower, Place de la Concorde, Tuileries Garden, the Elysee Palace, the Invalides Museum, the Seine river that cuts across Paris, and the other renowned landmarks of Paris are obviously the most expensive and the plushest hotels of the city. Some of the best luxury Paris hotels are the Hotel Plaza Athenee, Hotel Pont Royal, Hotel Le Meurice, Tiara Chateau Hotel Mont Royal, Hotel de Crillion, Radisson Blu Le Dokhan’s Hotel, The Westin Paris, La Tremoille, Hyatt Regency Madeleine, Hotel du Louvre, Trianon Palace Versailles, Sofitel Paris Arc de Triomphe, etc.

The luxury Paris hotels charge anything from € 610 to €20,000 per day according to the rooms and suites that you choose to stay in. These hotels of Paris provide grand luxury to their inmates. Each of the rooms and suites are gloriously furnished and opulently decorated. Whether you’ve booked just a single room or the Presidential suite, you’ll feel that you’re re-living history and living like one of the Parisian monarchs, in the luxury Paris hotels. The architecture of each of the modern luxury Paris hotels resembles that of some medieval palace or imposing medieval edifice of Paris in one way or the other. So it’ll not be surprising if you feel like Louis XIV or Napoleon Bonaparte while traversing through the rooms of a luxury Paris hotel. Though equipped with modern and hi-tech amenities for the comfort of the 21st century traveler, the luxurious hotels of Paris represent the medieval spirit of the Palace of Versailles, the fascinating beauty of the exhibits of the Louvre, the exquisite workmanship of the Notre Dame and the intellectual superiority of the Montmartre in their halls, rooms, their decor and in their milieu.

Conference Facilities, Banqueting, Weddings and Fashion Shows in Luxury Paris Hotels

Needless to say, the luxury hotels of the city are great places for historic meetings and rendezvous. These hotels boast of spacious and elaborate conference and banquet halls equipped with the smartest audiovisual gadgets so that meetings may be conducted seamlessly. It’s an altogether different experience to conduct or attend meetings amidst gorgeous surroundings, intricately carved statues, sculptures and caryatids in the meeting rooms of these Parisian hotels. While transporting you to a bygone age, the meeting rooms in these hotels help you to experience the advantages of cutting-edge technology when you’re hosting and participating in interactive conferences. Meeting room layouts in these hotels can be arranged as you wish and according to which Parisian landmark you’d like your meeting attendees to get a glimpse of in the course of the meeting: the Eiffel Tower, the Tuilleries Garden or the Louvre.

The luxury hotels of Paris are also perfect venues for celebrating weddings and for hosting parties and fashion shows. The luxury Paris hotels employ the talents of the best chefs of Paris who dish out their amazing and mouthwatering creations at banquets, parties, weddings and conference luncheons and dinners hosted in the hotels.

Medium-Priced Paris Hotels

These hotels are situated on highways, near the Charles de Gaulle Airport of Paris or in places in the city from where long-distance traveling is essential to get to downtown Paris and the various tourist hotspots of Paris. Medium-priced hotels in Paris are good hotels and offer fine accommodation facilities to their guests. They are well decorated but not opulently decorated. The décor in medium-priced Parisian hotels is modern and posh and focuses more on utility than on grandeur. Medium-priced hotels afford their guests an extremely comfortable stay as rooms and suites in these hotels are equipped with all the modern amenities. The medium-priced hotels of Paris are generally 3 and 4 star hotels.

The medium-priced Paris hotels are noted particularly for the sumptuous breakfasts that they serve their guests every morning. Sumptuous breakfasts, in Parisian hotels, are included with the room charges and are not extra as they are in the London hotels. Breakfast halls are typically roomy and divided into many segments so that different groups of tourists can sit in the different segments, while they eat. Breakfasts are well-laid out and include meat as well as non-meat products. Different kinds of French cheese; fruits, fruit juice; a variety of French bread including baguettes and croissants with generous helpings of butter, marmalade, pork-spread and jam; different preparations of egg such as French omelets, scrambled eggs, fried eggs and boiled eggs; milk, cream; cereals such as cornflakes and porridge; pork products such as grilled and deep-fried bacon, smoked and grilled sausages, ham and salami; and beverages such as tea and coffee are what you’ll see in the breakfast halls of medium-priced Paris hotels every morning, when you wake up, bleary-eyed and eager for a hearty meal. Hotel guests of these hotels have often praised the kitchen staff of these hotels for serving tasty and filling breakfasts, luncheons and dinners.

Medium-priced Paris hotels charge anything from € 102 to € 500 per day. Some of the most famous medium-priced Paris hotels are Express by Holiday Inn, Lille Center, Abba Montparnasse Hotel, Baltimore Paris Hotel, Astra Opera Hotel, Best Western Etoile Saint Honoré Hotel, Best Western Premier Elysées Bassano Hotel, Castille Paris Hotel, Metropol Hotel, Modern Lafayette Hotel, etc.

Meeting Facilities in Medium-Priced Paris Hotels

All medium-priced Paris hotels are equipped with meeting rooms and conference facilities. The meeting rooms in such Paris hotels are equipped with hi-tech audiovisual gadgets so that meetings may be conducted, effortlessly. The seating arrangements in the conference halls may be designed as you wish, in boardroom, U shaped, cabaret, classroom or in other styles. All medium-priced Paris hotels are equipped with Business Centers which are operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the benefit of conference hosts, presenters and attendees.

Budget and Cheap Paris Hotels

The budget Paris hotels are also known as the cheap Paris hotels. These hotels are plainly decorated and are ideal for travelers who travel on a strict budget. Rooms in these hotels are equipped with basic amenities. Many of the cheap hotels of Paris are located in the Montmartre area of Paris, the artists’ quarter and the various flea markets of Paris. The Montmartre area and the Latin quarters near the world famous University of Paris, Sorbonne, are inhabited by intellectuals and students who prefer living on a tight budget. So, the cheapest hotels of Paris which are situated in these areas offer several advantages to their inmates. The Ile de la Cite of Paris epitomizes the quaint culture and charms of Paris. Several cheap Parisian hotels have cropped up here too. The Ile de la Cite houses the famous Notre Dame and other well-known landmarks. Many famous museums of Paris, other than the Louvre, are located in the vicinity of the Ile de la Cite. These are the Musee d’Orsay and the Musee De La Conciergerie. The guests of the cheap hotels hence have a wonderful time visiting the repositories and their breathtaking works and sightseeing in these picturesque parts of Paris.

There is a distinct advantage of living in the budget hotels of the city because these Paris hotels encapsulate the tasteful and lively culture of Paris. As they are located in the crowded areas of Paris near the museums and universities, the hubs of intellectual learning and culture, they offer endless opportunities to their guests to explore the nooks and crannies of Paris, to get the feel and pulse of the city, it’s rich and variegated history, its myriad etiquette, cuisines, artworks, the romantic spirit of the sculptures that adorn the city, every now and then. The cheap Paris hotels ask for anything between € 30 and € 150 for a single night’s stay.

Paris is a truly enchanting city. Its romantic aura encompasses you the moment you step into the city. Every boulevard, every sidewalk, thoroughfare, every street corner of Paris is a treat for the eye of the discerning tourist. Whether you’re parading the Grande Gallery of the Louvre or admiring the fabulous interiors of the Palace of Versailles, whether you’re getting your picture painted in the Montmartre or just gazing at the Egyptian obelisk in the Place de la Concorde, you’ll always be surrounded by the rich heritage of Paris, a heritage that’s inextricably interwoven with the city, its people and its monuments. And all the Paris hotels, however modern or sophisticated, try to be the archetype of the city’s wonderful past. So it’s no wonder that tourists feel the turmoil and turbulence of the Bastille, hear the screams and shrieks of guillotine victims, and perceive the sounds of Louis’s hundred horsemen clip-clopping on the roads of Paris while they roam in Paris or when they reside at the Paris hotels.

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Sun City re-launches after going through R1bn worth of upgrades

As much as R1bn has been spent on upgrading the Sun City entertainment centre over the past five years, and owner Sun International believes the development remains a popular leisure destination for South Africans.
Sun City re-launches after going through R1bn worth of upgrades
©Inna Felker via 123RF
The entertainment complex was re-launched this week. Group general manager for brand and communications at Sun International, Michael Farr, expects the festive season to be a busy one for Sun City. “Sun City is an iconic tourism product. It’s an authentic South African destination which still appeals to South Africans more than thirty years after it opened,” said Farr.

“Sun City has remained popular since its opening, but we felt it needed a complete overhaul and took the decision to invest over R1bn to do just that. We’ve put this investment into making the resort even more attractive to families, gamblers, convention visitors and a host of new, niche-tourists such as adrenalin-seekers, eco-tourists and millennials.

“We are confident that with this massive refurb and upgrade, Sun City will not only retain its status as SA’s favourite leisure destination, but will also recapture its place as the premier convention venue in the country,” he said.

He expected Sun City to receive about one million visitors this year, beating 2015’s performance.

Sun City, located in the North West Province, was opened in 1979. The idea was to create a Las Vegas-type gambling and leisure experience. Frank Sinatra and Queen were two international music stars who performed there soon after it opened.

The complex now offers various hotels and water-sports facilities including The Valley of The Waves. It also houses the Gary Player Golf Course which hosts the annual Nedbank Golf Challenge. Farr said the golf event was now part of the golf European Tour which would bring more visitors. “The field of players has increased and we hope that by making the event more prestigious, we will get more patrons,” he said.

Sun City’s conference centre has also been upgraded and has a very strong Wi-Fi and general information technology offering.

Sun International believes Sun City can compete with other domestic and international tourist destinations this festive season. There are now two flights daily from both Cape Town and Johannesburg to Sun City.

The entertainment complex does, however, have to compete for their share of tourists with the Western Cape, which is undoubtedly the most popular destination in the country. Wayne Troughton of HTI Consulting said the Western Cape’s major tourist season is starting as early as September.

Various European tourists had been visiting SA when the weather was not necessarily at its peak, he said.

Africa expansion drive by Latitude Hotels

The Latitude Hotels has announced the appointment of Roberto Pelliccia as the group commercial and operations director. Pelliccia, a seasoned hotel executive, whose career has spanned four continents over three decades, joins The Latitude Hotels to coincide with several other new development announcements for the group.
Roberto Pelliccia
Roberto Pelliccia
“We are delighted to have Roberto join us as we move from a small African start-up to something more scalable and mature. Roberto’s global experience, including a great deal in some of the world’s fastest developing markets, will be invaluable as we look to expand at pace across the continent,” said The Latitude Hotels’ CEO, Nick Brown.

Pelliccia has worked across Europe, The Americas, Asia, The Indian Ocean, The Caribbean and The Middle East in a multitude of strategic and operational management roles for large global hotel groups. These include IHG, Hilton, Kerzner International and Meritus Hotels & Resorts, as well as leading the development of new boutique hotel groups, such as Grace Hotels Group, across North, Central and South America, Europe and Asia.

“I’ve worked in a variety of countries across virtually all continents for the last three decades and having been part of the exciting growth of many hospitality markets around the world, I want to bring my skills and experience to bear on a continent that is now beginning to attract the world’s attention,” commented Pelliccia.

Pelliccia joins as The Latitude Hotels continues to expand its footprint across sub-Saharan Africa. The group recently launched its first private members’ club, The Other Side, adjacent to the Latitude 15° hotel in Lusaka; will re-launch Latitude 13° in Lilongwe, Malawi in late-November – including the addition of 20 long-stay apartments; and will add 20 more guest rooms to Latitude 15° in early 2017. “In order to be viable over the long-term we had to create something both unique and compelling to guests, and to roll it out with care, to ensure we offered something relevant to the markets in which we operate”, added Brown. “We are pioneering entirely new types of hotels and private members’ clubs and having witnessed a hugely positive response to both properties we’re now ready to expand our brand footprint more aggressively across Africa.”

The Latitude Hotels has recently broken ground on its next hotel, Latitude 0° in Kampala, Uganda, and is pursuing the acquisition of properties in Addis Ababa, Nairobi, Dar es Salaam, Kigali, Maputo, Harare and Johannesburg.

Mobile phones usage for travel

In the latest report on how people use phones for travel, Google in collaboration with Ipsos has provided insights on the influences mobile devices have on travellers’ decisions.

Mobile phones usage for travel
©Maglara (Shutterstock)

According to the report, 51% of smartphone users in the I-want-to-go moments turn to their devices for information as well as activities related to travel. These may include booking hotels online, buying flight tickets online, reviewing accommodation properties for comparison in rates and convenience among others. The frequency of this trend is astounding with 71% (of the users in the report) doing so on a weekly basis.

Information sought is related to travel tips, best destinations, and as one would expect, available packages and discounts from various hotels and service providers. For instance, Jumia Travel reports approximately 75% of traffic from mobile devices.

Furthermore, the report shows the preference of mobile applications for travel related use, with an average of 2.3 travel apps installed on smartphones. Yet, it is important to note that a higher percentage of travelers (65%) still use mobile sites for travel, as compared to 58% who prefer to use the apps, according to Google.

With on-the-go convenience that is related to mobile devices, it is obvious that travel will continue becoming seamless in coming years. From conducting online searches, booking accommodation and flights, to mobile payments, the penetration of mobile devices, especially in Africa, gives more optimism for the travel industry.

GSMA Intelligence – a trade body that represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide – predicts there will be 725 million unique subscribers of mobile services by 2020.

Book Accommodations In Top 10 Hotels In Usa And Enjoy A Budget Stay

USA, the United States of America is the popular journey destination of many individuals each year. People visit USA not only as guests but also to explore the educational and job opportunities that the nation provides. There are several hotels in USA that serve the housing needs of guests to the nation. There are several hotels covering the different states of the nation. Classified into different categories as they target a certain section of the guests, stay in one of the Top 25 Hotels in USA for a delightful experience.
These include high-class hotels, hotels, cost range hotels, boutique hotels, Inns and Suites as well as apartments available on rent. Some of these hotels are situated near to the major airports and train terminals in the town thus reducing the vacationer of journey worries. Some of the USA hotels are situated near to the important sightseeing opportunities in and around the town. Even if it lies at a distance, there are enough means of transportation available to take care of the guest’s conveyance problems. There are a host of high-class hotels in the USA. These hotels serve the requirements of the leisure tourists. They offer features like health club, temperature regulated pool, spa, salon, business features, journey assistance and assistant solutions.
Featuring a great bunch of holiday locations, this region around the globe boasts of being one of the biggest destinations for the journey gurus. There are 50 individual states with numerous large towns and cities of the combined states form a fantastic combination with the vast expansion of farmlands, forests, deserts, and hills. With a climate ranging from the tropical to arctic this globe has four distinct season with separate needs of accommodation. And obviously, with so many of highly developed holiday locations, USA makes a mark in kindness, remarkable solutions, diverse inhabitants and variegated lifestyles. USA hotels always leave a awesome impression on you about where you are in USA. They offer fantastic solutions at affordable rates to the guests.
Each corner of USA has many worth visiting locations and Top 10 hotels in USA. Some hotels offer a relaxing atmosphere to some of the best casinos with features of high-class. Some are beach hotels, some are ski hotels and some of them are a globe of its won with pleasures that amuse. There are several cost range or economy hotels in the U. s. Declares of The combined states which offer relaxed housing and quality solutions within a limited cost range. The different states of the nation house several cost range hotels. The inexpensive hotels in USA make sure that the guests appreciate a awesome and relaxed remain. The bedrooms are cost in a way that they do not confirm to be too challenging on the vacationer’s cost range. The inexpensive hotels in USA make sure that the guests appreciate a awesome and relaxed remain. The bedrooms are cost in a way that they do not confirm to be too challenging on the vacationer’s cost range.

5 Top Hotels To Stay In Usa

Cheap hotel bookings in USA are no more a wish but a changing reality. The World Wide Web and its amazing products have availed you the cheap hotels booking possible. With loads of information on hotels on the internet you can research, browse and make reservations at your convenience.
1. The Night Hotel Times Square is located in Manhattan and offers the best stay in New York City. The Hotel offers a fitness centre, helpful and professional staff available 24 hours a day. Additional hotel facilities include a concierge, a business centre and a lift. A stylish on-site restaurant offers an exclusive menu of American dishes. Guests can relax with a drink at the hotel’s bar. A large selection of dining options can also be found in close proximity.
2. The Hyatt Regency Chicago enjoys panoramic views of the pier, the lake and the city presenting the best stay in Chicago. The hotel gym is fully equipped and the on site Spa offers a range of body treatments and massages. A 24-hour reception, offers luggage storage and an airport transfer service. The hotel offers on-site dining for breakfast and dinner, and the bar is a great spot to relax. Room service is available any time of the day, and a wide selection of dining options can also be found in close proximity to the hotel.
3. The Caribe Royale All Suite Hotel & Convention Center, Orlando offers stylish accommodation with modern amenities and a relaxing stay in the metropolis. The hotel offers convenient stay for business and relaxation; the hotel’s facilities comprise spa, an outdoor pool, a basketball court and tennis courts. For guests’ convenience, the reception is open 24 hours. Room service is available 24 hours a day with free parking for guests.
4. The Bellagio Las Vegas offers expansive lake, city and fountain views and 5-star rooms and awesome stay in the sin city. Amenities include a fitness centre, outdoor pool, a Jacuzzi, a lift and a beauty centre. The hotel restaurant is the ideal spot to relax with a selection of Japanese, Spanish and French dishes available. Otherwise, there is a great selection of international restaurants in close proximity. The comfortable and large bar provides a relaxing setting.
5. The Washington Plaza is set in Washington D.C offering a relaxed stay in the capital. For fitness and leisure, the hotel offers a fitness centre and outdoor swimming pool (seasonal). Free wireless internet is provided. With its on-site restaurant serving American dishes, the hotel provides guests with everything they need for an enjoyable night without having to leave the hotel. There is also a bar on site, offering guests a variety of refreshing drinks. Guests can also try one of the many bars and restaurants in the vicinity. The multilingual staff at the hotel will make sure your stay is comfortable and enjoyable.
Bookings for Cheapest hotels in USA are available on the Internet at discounted rates. Online travel portals offer bookings for accommodation according to your budget, taste and needs gifting you an enjoyable trip.